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Information About Process

iWorkGuru User Guide provides step by step information about our process and procedures and this can be downloaded by following this link "User Guide". Posting Projects, Services/Products and Contests can be done in less than a minute. Follow links below to blog help pages and FAQs.

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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

How do I Trade Goods and Services?
You can post services/products by clicking “Post Services” menu option as shown in below screen snapshot from the menu bar. Then input information about your goods or service.

How do I enter Product or Service Information?
Enter product or service details such as service/product name and select the main and sub categories under which you would like to list the product or service. Enter the same category and sub category under the skills or key words section. This will ensure your product or service will be displayed and easily searched by search engines.

How do I promote my Product or Service? You can attach files such as technical product specification, company information and also attach a picture of the product/service you wish to sale. If you would like your customers to contact you before purchasing then either attach document with full contact information or include your contact details in the information details section.

Upload Pictures: You need to attach picture file to select this option. This is done automatically where picture file is attached.

Service Type:
Fixed Price selection indicates a tangible product that has units. Hourly price indicates a service where a time is associated with that service.

Fulfilment Service: Customers with existing fulfilment account can use this service to allow us to ship products on their behalf. You can contact us for more information about setting up a fulfilment account. If you are unsure leave it un-ticked.

Unit Price: This is the price at which you want to sale the service/product.

Quantity/Hours: The number of product units or number of service hours you wish to list.

Shipping: Where you select fulfilment service or digital/service the shipping options will be greyed out. However you can select your own shipping charge where the product is shipped by you. You can select all or some of the postal regions you wish to serve. Please select as appropriate and specify postal charge.

Digital/Service: This option allows you to upload a digital product which can be downloaded once customer pucrhases this product.

Featured Service: Featuring a service/product provides more prominent display of your service/product in our home page and at the top of our listings. This can lead to more service/product sales.

How do I add a digital download product? You can attach a digital product file which customers can download following purchase. Please tick Digital/Service option and attach digital product you want customers to download following payment.

Once you have selected the promotional options simply click “Post Service Now” button to submit service/product. Please read our terms and conditions and privacy policy before submitting.

How do I pay for product or service post?
Select payment option such as Skrill, Credit Card, Paypal or your e-wallet. Please note e-wallet option will not be displayed if you do not have any funds.

Depending upon which payment option you select you will be taken to a secure payment page for that provider. However e-wallet payment will complete the transaction immediately. Please follow on screen instructions provided by the payment gateway provider and complete payment.

Once payment complete you will see a confirmation page. Please check your service/product details by looking under “My Service/Products”. Don't forget to check under My Sales for any products you have sold.

How do I post a Project? You can post projects by clicking “Post Projects” menu option from the menu bar at the top of the page. This is a simple way of getting Freelancers to bid for your project.

Enter project details such as project name and select the main and sub categories under which you would like to list the project. Select the type of skills freelancers bidding on the project should poses and describe your project providing as much information as necessary to allow freelancers to bid on project.

How do I attach any documents? You can attach files with additional information and add a picture with your project posting. Select whether you are after a fixed price quote or an hourly price. Select the size of the project budget.

How do I specify Hourly projects? Where the project is hourly please enter your hourly rate range, project duration, number of hours required and number of hours per week/month. If you are not sure plase rick “Not Sure”. The more information you provide the more accurate bid you will receive.

How do I promote my project? Promote your project by selecting additional optional services. If you wish you can post your project without purchasing any extra promotional services.

Once you have selected the promotional options simply click “Post Project Now” button to submit project. Please read our terms and conditions and privacy policy before submitting.

Urgent tasks: These projects are highighted to Freelancers during listing as urgent and helps attract the right type of freelancer and in some cases more bidders.

Featured tasks: Featuring a project provides more prominent display of your project in our home page and at the top of our listings. This can lead to more freelancers bidding on your project.

Sensitive Documents: You can attach a document that is only visible to bidders and not any other user of our service or the World Wide Web and other crawlers. This feature along with NDA option allows you to share sensitive information with prospective bidders and can help protect your intellectual properties.

Sign NDA: You can request freelancers to sign a non-disclosure agreement before bidding. View NDA template will display the NDA terms. Freelancers must agree to these terms before they are allowed to bid on a project.

Upload Pictures: You need to attach picture file to select this option. This is done automatically where picture file is attached.

Private Tasks: Any projects listed as private will only be visible to users who are logged in and therefore will not be visible to the whole World Wide Web and crawlers.

Full Time: Hourly projects above a certain number of hours a week by default become full time. If you need someone working full time on your project please select this option. This will attract the right type of freelancer to bid on your project.

Any payments costs to promote projects can be made by following screen prompts and selecting suitable payment options. Once project is posted it will be immediately live on our project area.

How do I Hire a Freelancer? Viewing any user profile will display a “Hire Me” button and this can be used to raise requests to hire freelancer. You can Hire Freelancers for any task directly.

What information is required to hire a Freelancers? Complete hiring request providing all information requested on form. You can also attach file with more detailed information about your hire request. You will need to define scope of works, number of hours and weeks. Please note if you change the hire rate from what is specified by the Freelancer then it could be rejected by the Freelancer.

Complete payment and instruct Freelancer to start work immediately. Don't forget to check under Profile Settings and “Freelancers Hired by Me” to view any hiring requests you have made. You can confirm work completed or Not Completed and check status.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQs